MC² (Manningham City Square)

MC² (Manningham City Square), a $38 million environmentally sustainable community facility adjacent to the existing Manningham Civic Centre, is the first stage of the future development of Precinct 1. The facility is one of the largest of its kind in Victoria and includes an innovative trigeneration system which reduces energy costs by generating heating and cooling for the building.

MC² is an accessible community centre providing a wide range of organisations in the one location.

These organisations offer a range of services and programs that focus on health, education, welfare, community, arts, cultural and heritage activities. Organisations located at MC² support the goal of integrated service delivery and are committed to forging strong working relationships, to innovate and improve service delivery, share resources and ensure programs are more accessible and responsive to the Manningham community’s needs.

MC² is home to a number of arts and culture, social and community services including:

Arts, Culture and Learning 

  • Doncaster Library
  • Manningham Art Gallery
  • Manningham Community Arts Centre
  • MC² Café

Community and Social Support 

  • Chinese Community Social Services
  • Doncare Community Services
  • Onemda
  • Access Health and Community
  • Manningham YMCA Youth Services

Early Years

  • Early Years at MC²
  • Doncaster Kindergarten
  • Doncaster Maternal and Child Health

This facility provides sustained long-term benefits for the local community, provide for future population growth, and meet  government objectives in the provision of health, welfare and community services. Indoor and outdoor spaces offer social interaction and cultural development opportunities for the whole municipality, as well as places for community meetings.

MC² is located at 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster between the Manningham Civic Centre and the Doncaster Primary School.

A Partnership Approach

Council continues to work in partnership with the future users of MC², service providers and community support organisations to ensure that the facility meets everyone’s needs. This partnership approach also extends to funding for the capital development with approximately $15 million raised from the private sector and just over $11 million from government grants.

This project was supported by the Australian Government’s Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program. The Doncaster Hill Green Civic Precinct – Sustainability Education Hub project is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Green Precincts Program and Sustainability Victoria under the Smart Energy Zones Program.

For further information please view the Manningham City Square webpage.