Development Contributions Plan

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) is a mechanism used to levy new development for financial contributions to planned community infrastructure, such as libraries, pedestrian and cycling paths, streetscape improvements and public art. The Doncaster Hill DCP was introduced into Manningham City Council’s Planning Scheme in 2003 through Amendment CO30.

Purpose of the Doncaster Hill DCP

The Doncaster Hill Strategy will deliver and support a substantial increase in higher density housing, major improvements to the public domain, better public transport services and enhanced traffic management. The Strategy is firmly based on the triple bottom line of sustainable, economically and environmentally responsible and socially inclusive. The achievement of this vision requires substantial investment in new and upgraded infrastructure. Effectively managing development in Doncaster Hill presents the challenge of funding scheduled infrastructure to be used by future residents.

The DCP:

  • Sets development contribution charging rates for residential and non-residential development
  • Explains and justifies all infrastructure items and the method of calculating charges.

Council is already undertaking projects and has purchased land for future transport improvements in advance of developer contributions to be received, as part of the delivery of community and road infrastructure. Works undertaken to date include the MC² community hub and local streetscape works.

Development contribution amounts are indexed based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on an annual basis. The latest schedule of DCP levies is available below.