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Doncaster Rail

Manningham is the only Melbourne metropolitan municipality without train or tram services. For many years Manningham Council has been advocating on behalf of the community for a rail link to Doncaster Hill and beyond.

In late 2010, the Victorian State Government appointed consultants URS to undertake a feasibility study for a heavy rail line to Doncaster. In March 2013 the draft ‘Doncaster Rail Study Phase One Recommendations Report’ was released. The draft report recommends a rapid Transit Line along the Eastern Freeway as the preferred route alignment. Such a route could be expected to carry 56,000 passengers per day. However, to Council’s dismay, the draft report failed to recommend that the line extend as far as Doncaster Hill.

The draft report also identified a number of rail network capacity challenges that would need to be addressed before a rail line to Doncaster could be introduced to the network. These challenges include measures to increase the number of trains that can be operated on the busy South Morang and Hurstbridge group of lines.

The Government’s commitment to proceed with Stage Two of the study is still unknown. Stage Two proposes a more thorough assessment of the final alignment, along with funding, timing and staging of the Doncaster Rail line. This was expected to have commenced in 2013, however Council is still awaiting the release of the final Phase One Recommendations Report and a commitment by the State Government to proceed with Stage Two of the study.

Doncaster Rail Advocacy

The Doncaster Rail Advocacy Steering Committee (DRASC) is continuing to advocate for a rail line to Doncaster and is inviting community members to get on board. If you support the need for more public transport options, especially Doncaster Rail, then get involved! To find out how, please visit the website below.

The lack of public transport options has consistently been listed as a major issue for the people who live and work in Manningham. In 2012, Manningham Council established the Committee to advocate to Manningham’s community members and engage and energise them to seek from the State Government improved public transport in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne through the provision of a heavy rail link to Doncaster and more public transport.

The Committee strongly advocates to the State Government for it to commit to constructing a rail link to Doncaster as an essential transport infrastructure project for Victoria and further advocates that this project take priority over road-based infrastructure projects, such as the proposed East-West Road Link.

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Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART)

The $360 million DART service commenced in October 2010, providing a network of four major arterial bus routes operating at high frequency between Manningham and the CBD, with the assistance of road priority, modern buses and an attractive timetable schedule. Route 907 provides regular services to Doncaster Hill.

DART services operates every 15 minutes throughout the weekday between 5.00am and 9.00pm, and half hourly between 9.00pm and midnight. During the AM and PM peak, services operate every 7-8 minutes. The services also operate every 30 minutes on the weekends.

DART provides regular services to Bulleen and The Pines (route 905), East Doncaster and Warrandyte (route 906), Doncaster Hill, Park and Ride and Mitcham Station (route 907) and The Pines and Doncaster Park and Ride (route 908).  

SmartBus Orbital Service

Two Orbital SmartBus routes, the Red Orbital (903) and Green Orbital (902) routes, commenced service in Doncaster Hill during April 2009 and April 2010 respectively.

The SmartBus system offers:

  • Upgraded buses
  • More frequent services (less than 10 minutes in peak times, 15 minutes for the rest of the day, and 30 minutes in off-peak times and weekends)
  • Operation until midnight every day of the week, with services commencing at 5.00am Monday - Friday, 6.00am on Saturday and 7.00am on Sunday
  • Improved technology - dynamic signal priority
  • Greater reliability
  • Real time information
  • Disability Discrimination Act compliant bus stops.

The Red Orbital SmartBus service (route 903) runs from Mordialloc to Altona. The Green Orbital SmartBus service (route 902) runs between Chelsea and Airport West. Both the Red and Green Orbital routes stop at Westfield Doncaster.

For timetable information and bus services information please visit the Public Transport Victoria website

Doncaster Road bus priority proposal

VicRoads has installed part-time bus lanes and extended clearways along Doncaster Road to improve bus reliability and travel times.

Bus lanes and clearways will reduce delays by giving buses priority on the road during peak hours - resulting in quicker, more reliable bus journeys along this busy public transport route.

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