Planning Applications

101 Tram Road (Panorama)

201 apartments
Height: 13 storey
Land area: 3113m²
Precinct: 7A
Status: Completed

682-686 Doncaster Road

296 apartments
Height: 9 storey
Land Area: 2827m²
Precinct: 2B
Status: Marketing/sales

Current permit is for a  nine storey building, comprising 296 apartments, cafe/restaurant and shop and offices.

659-667 Doncaster Road, 2,4-6 Tower Street and 1-5 Council Street (Bunnings)

Retail and trade supplies and 258 apartments
Height: 8 storey
Land Area: 5129m²
Precinct: 3C
Status: Amended permit issued

The Bunnings application for the former Mobil petrol station site at 659 Doncaster Road proposes an eight storey mixed-use staged development including apartments with basement car parking and retail and trade supplies.

5 Elgar Court (Gardenhill)

134 apartments and three level basement car parking
Height: 11 storey
Land Area: 2365m²
Status: Building

This development will include an 11 storey building, housing 134 apartments.

8 Tower Street

Offices and retail
Precinct: 3B
Height: 4 storey
Land Area: 983m²
Status: Amended permit issued

This development is adjacent to Westfield Doncaster and will comprise a four storey building with commercial  and retail space over two levels of basement car parking.

8 Hepburn Road (8Hepburn)

67 apartments
Height: 5 storey
Land Area: 2558m²
Precinct: 2F
Status: Building

This five storey building will comprise 67 dwellings and basement car parking.

1 Grosvenor Street, Doncaster (Pearl)

182 apartments
Height: Up to 10 storeys
Land Area: 5300m²
Precinct: 4E
Status: Completed

Construction of 182 residential apartments in one ten storey building, one four storey building and three three storey buildings.

642-654 Doncaster Road (Nest)

253 apartments, restaurant and basement car parking
Height: 12 storey
Land Area: 3978m²
Precinct: 2C
Status: Construction commenced

This 12 storey mixed-use apartment block with restaurant and café at ground floor level and 253 residential apartments. Features include rooftop garden, views to the hills, northerly orientation and basement car parking.

5 Sovereign Point Court (Imperial Doncaster)

93 apartments and basement car parking
Height: 9 storey
Land Area: 3004m²
Precinct: Precinct 5
Status: Completed

20 Hepburn Road (Magnolia)

181 apartments
Height: 14 storey
Land Area: 3126.2m²
Precinct: Precinct 2
Status: Building

602 Doncaster Road

270 apartments, retail and cafes
Height: 13 storey
Land Area: 8317.4m²
Precinct: Precinct 2
Status: Permit issued

88 Tram Road (88Tram)

60 apartments
Height: 8 storey
Precinct: Precinct 2
Land Area: 1465.6m²
Status: Building

810 Elgar Road

8 townhouses
Height: 3 storey 
Land Area: 982.5m²
Precinct: Precinct 7
Status: New application currently being assessed

537 Doncaster Road

20 apartments
Height: 7 storey
Land Area: 957.5m²
Precinct: Precinct 7
Status: Permit issued

7 Williamsons Road

73 apartments
Height: 11 storey
Land Area: 1065.5m² 
Precinct: Precinct 5
Status: Permit Issued


9-11 Williamsons Road

137 apartments
Height: 12 storey
Land Area: 2651m²
Precinct: Precinct 5
Status: Permit Issued